Restaurant Bar Stools

Chrome Bar Stools

Restaurant Bar Stools

Restaurants need bar stools.  Often times, when a restaurant is planning a build out, they leave chairs and bar stools to the very end.  With most of the budget spent, the restaurant bar stools they originally planned may seem now out of reach.  If you are looking for a long term option that look great, you can’t go wrong with chrome restaurant bar stools.  In addition to being attractive, chrome is a great metal finish for longevity in a heavy trafficked restaurant.  Chrome plated metal should look good for longer than black or brown powder coated metal.  At Budget Bar Stools, we have all kinds of restaurant bar stools but we primarily carry chrome frames with upholstered seats.  All of our  bar stools are commercial grade and built to last in your restaurant for years.

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Discount Bar Stools on Sale at

Restaurant Bar Stools

Budget Bar Stools

We have discount bar stools on sale right now at the Budget Bar Stools web store.  Our discounted prices are super low but our quality is super high.  We don’t sell cheap bar stools, we sell high quality commercial restaurant bar stools.  In addition, our restaurant bar stools are built in Chicago, IL.  Yes that’s right we are selling American made furniture for less than most people sell imports.  Rest assure knowing that your clients are sitting on high quality American made furniture.  Sleep at night knowing that you got a ridiculously low price.  We offer six different stock colors on our website but we also can handle any type of custom order that you throw at us.  Custom orders are going to be a bit more expensive but hey, you just spent a bunch to remodel your restaurant and you might as well get the bar stools you really like.  We also have other styles available that are also American Made.  Just ask us if you can’t find something.

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Cheap Bar Stools are on Sale

Cheap Bar Stools

Discounted Bar Stools

We are featuring one of our biggest sales on cheap restaurant bar stools.  At we sell commercial quality restaurant furniture that is made in the USA for almost the same price as low quality imports.  Take a look at our prices and you know we mean business.  We are selling our single ring swivel bar stool for $39.00 right now.  Our single ring bar stool is made in the States.  Why is that a big deal?  Its a big deal because the steel used for the tubing was made in the states.  The wood inside the seat was from a tree that was planted in the US.  That tree was turned into a 2×4 or plywood in the USA.  Even Naugahyde branded vinyl is still made in the States.  If you are looking for cheap bar stools that are going to last, look no further than a Richardson Seating commercial round seat bar stool.

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Floor Mounted Bar Stools

Never before have there been so many choices in bar stools that mount to your floor.  Much of our product line is manufactured by Richardson Seating of Chicago.  They have come up with about 20 brand new styles of floor mounted bar stools.  They are all very cool.  If you are looking for something different, please take a look at the Counter Stool section of their website.


Floor Mounted Counter Stool

Floor Mounted Counter Stool With Black Lattice

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Swivel Bar Stools

Swivel Bar Stools
Swivel Bar Stools

Swivel Bar Stools are probably the most popular type of bar stool in restaurants and bars.  There are several reasons to use a swivel bar stool.  The first and most important is that it lessens the wear and tear on the upholstery material.  When a person is sitting on a stool, he or she is going to be moving around and fidgeting in his seat at least a little bit.  If there is no swivel between the seat and the frame, the material has to bear the burden of that excess motion.  A second reason is that swivel seats allow for individuals to slide turn the seat away from the bar and sit in the seat and the rotate back into the bar.  If you are interested in all of your bar stools facing the same direction, you might want to get bar stools that have a return swivel.  Return swivels do exactly as their name implies, they revolve back to the front when not sat on so that the bar always looks its best.

Chrome Bar Stools and other fun stuff

Budget Bar Stools has a pretty nice assortment of your standard restaurant bar stools.  If you are looking for an even greater selection of chrome bar stools, you might want to check out our sister site is owned and operated by Bar Stools & Chairs LLC which also runs, the barstoolsandchairs Ebay Store, and the Budget Bar Stools  Amazon store.

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I just connected my blog to my Twitter account. Let’s see if this works.  As I am updating this post several months later, I can confirm that it does work.  The only problem is that if I Tweet, the tweets also show up on the blog and I am not sure if I want each and every tweet showing up on this blog.  Budget Bar Stools has gotten off to a wonderful start.  In less than a year, we have built a name for ourselves as a leader in commercial quality American made restaurant bar stools at ridiculously low prices.  Our Amazon store Budget Bar Stools was in the top 25% of all Amazon stores during the 2010 Christmas holiday.  Please Keep coming back to read our blog and please keep buying and recommeding our American made bar stools.

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Commercial-Quality Bar Stool – What does it mean?

Los Angeles Bar Stool

Los Angeles Bar Stool ($59) is using with American-made parts.

As a bar stool manufacturer and retailer of high-quality bar stools, individuals oftentimes ask: when it comes to bar stool furniture, what exactly does Commercial-Quality mean?

Commercial quality generally is meant to imply that the products can withstand commercial (retail or mass) use.  Much like other retail products, bar stools should not breakdown after short-term use.  In our experience, American manufactured bar stools last 8 times longer than cheap, imported bar stools that are not made to commercial-quality.  Their swivels are made from cheap bar stool metal and thin aluminum for the bar stools with legs – both bend and crack in the short-run.

Commercial-quality, American-made bar stools (like the ones we sell) start by never skimping on parts.  They are built to withstand the test of time and allow both home users and commercial bar stool users such as restaurant owners to enjoy the product long-term.

All bar stools sold on Budget Bar Stools are hand-assembled and made using American parts and components wherever possible.  We reinforce all seat parts with wood, fiberboard and foam.  Cheap all foam seats are cheaper but compress quickly over time.

The trade off for Commercial-quality is certainly not: price vs. quality.  Take for example, the Los Angeles bar stool which retails at $59.00.  This product rivals the price of all imported bar stools found online.  Our New York Bar stool retails for only $28.00 and is made with the same high-quality components as everything else on our site.

So when you’re looking for a new bar stool, be sure to buy a bar stool that advertises “Commercial quality” and is not a cheap import.  Not only does buying American mean higher-quality parts but those parts will outlast imported parts – whether you’re a home owner looking for 2 kitchen bar stool or a restaurant owner looking for a quantity of 50.  Check us out online –

Budget Bar Stools: Metal Bar Stools for Any Season

As the summer begins to wind down, interior designers, home and garden experts and restaurant owners alike begin to assess how well their outdoor furniture held up throughout the summer season.  Conventional outdoor bar stool areas, patios and other summer project spaces generally hold up against the rain, sun, sprinklers and wind.  But if you were a consumer who purchased cheap bar stool this past spring, you may have a different tone.

Cheap bar stools can crack and imported bar stools can break and bend; so rather than make this same mistake this fall, be sure to invest in quality fall furniture including meal bar stools from Budget Bar Stools.  Their high-quality bar stools, like the New York Bar Stool, retails as a discount bar stool (only $28.00) and is high enough quality to withstand this upcoming Fall season.

Or take the Los Angeles bar stool, another customer favorite this metal bar stool features a sturdy backrest and the chair (like most bar stools on Budget Bar Stools) has a full 360 degree swivel.  At $59.00, owners of the LA bar stool don’t need California weather to ensure their bar stools make it through the next season.

All chairs are made with commercial quality parts including contemporary, high-quality commercial vinyl.  And unlike imported bar stools these metal bar stools have the ability to last for years.  Where cheap bar stools come with a metal that can easily scratch and even bend, Budget Bar Stool uses quality parts.  In the end, customers are left with a high-quality product that doesn’t need to be tossed after each season.  It’s no wonder Budget Bar Stool is a consumers favorite pick – winter, spring, summer or even this fall.

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